Our Tech Support EMAIL Not Arriving?

Article by Adam Harte-Maxwell, CSWE updated September 26, 2017


On Friday SEPT 22, our support ticketing system, NetSuite, changed their email domain. Many of you have probably experienced problems in the past receiving email from our tech support, i.e. emails being caught by a SPAM filter or going into your JUNK folder, which is usually fixed by “white listing” or adding the sending domain to an “approved” list.

To ensure minimal disruption with our tech support email correspondence, please have your IT white list @cases.na3.netsuite.com in the security/spam filtering service your company uses, and also add to your JUNK folder approved list.

You may already have a similar looking domain approved, @cases.netsuite.com and think you’re all set. Have a close look as the difference is the inclusion of the na3 between cases and netsuite in the domain. A very minor change, one that’s easy to miss.

If you’ve emailed our tech support or logged a case via our online support web form and DIDN’T receive an immediate case logged notice with the CASE ID, then please check your JUNK and CLUTTER folders (if using MS Outlook) to see if it went there. If you see it, right click on it and set it to NEVER BLOCK SENDERS DOMAIN and this should send it to your INBOX and also prevent future emails from being caught.

If you do not see it in either of those folders, then you may get a daily quarantine report from your spam service. If you do, look for it there and release it. OR if you have the ability to log into your spam filter service right away and check it for caught emails, you can check immediately and see whether it’s there and release it/white list.

If you are unable to track it down, please put a call into our Help Desk and speak to a support technician to confirm your case was received and queued up in our system.

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Adam Harte-Maxwell, CSWE

Director of Technical Support at Javelin Technologies; I manage a team of 25+ support technicians who provide technical support and training for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, STRATASYS 3D printers, PDM file management, SIMULATION FEA/CFD, ELECTRICAL and PCB design, COMPOSER and VISUALIZE, and more, to our customers across CANADA. My first exposure to SOLIDWORKS was the 98Plus version in my prior life as a mechanical designer prior to January 2005 when I joined Javelin.