How do I upgrade the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP created/updated September 6, 2017

Most of large companies have their SOLIDWORKS licenses on a network. So, when it comes to upgrading SOLIDWORKS it is necessary to first upgrade the SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) on the server machine before upgrading SOLIDWORKS on client machines.

Here are few things you must check before you upgrade to a newer version of SOLIDWORKS.

You have to make sure that your version of SNL Manager on the server you would like to install should be same as the latest version of SOLIDWORKS you want to run on your client machines.

So if you want to run SOLIDWORKS 2014, 2015, and 2017 on the client machines, then you have to install SNL Manager 2017 on your server.

Follow the steps below to upgrade SOLIDWORKS SNL Manager:

1. Download/Locate installation Media.

Where do I download SolidNetWork (SNL) Manager?

2. Ensure no licenses are borrowed by any user.

Go to Start Menu > Launch SolidNetWork License Manager > License Borrowing Tab > check Borrowed Licenses. If you notice any of the licenses are borrowed request that user to return the license. Aldo make sure SOLIDWORKS is closed on all the client and server machines during this process.

Return any of the license if borrowed

Return any of the license if borrowed

3. Transfer the License.

Usually it is a good idea to transfer the license before you upgrade SNL manager. To do so, Launch SNL manager on server machine > Server Administration > Modify >Transfer license. Make sure you write down your serial number as this will be needed in further steps.

upgrade SOLIDWORKS SNL Manager

Transfer the license

4. Install new version of SNL manager

As you have already downloaded the file set for new version, extract the files. Now right click on setup.exe and click run as administrator. This will launch the SOLIDWORKS installation manager. On the welcome page , Select Server products and then select Upgrade SolidNetWork License Manager on this computer. As you can see in the screenshot I already have 2017 SNL manager installed on my machine , so the upgrade option is faded out and not available.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager- Server products

Once you click next, on serial Number page if prompted, enter your SolidNetwork License serial number(s). Use a comma between serial numbers if you are using multiple serial numbers. Click Next and then select Install.

5. Activate/Reactivate the License on new SNL manager

Once the installation is finished we have to reactivate the license. To do so, Start Menu > Launch SolidNetwork License Manager > Server Administration Tab > Modify > Select Activate/Reactivate the license > click Next > Finish the process.

Make sure you click select all option on the page where it shows the list of all serial numbers you have added.

Activate/Reactivate the license

Now, you can upgrade SOLIDWORKS on client machines. Since, the server machine is same , the name of server machine will already be added on Client machines. Check to see if Client machine is communicating to server machine and can obtain the license.

If you receive any errors please look at SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager Troubleshooting Blog Article.

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