Introducing SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing!

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated May 30, 2018


This is the first article in our SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Series, which also includes:

  1. Introducing SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing!
  2. Getting Started with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
  3. How to Invite Users to participate in SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
  4. Assign SOLIDWORKS Products to Members using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
  5. How to enable Online Licensing for your SOLIDWORKS Products
  6. Transition your SOLIDWORKS Installation over to use SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

What is Online Licensing?

For those of you that have ever encountered SOLIDWORKS License Activation Errors in the past, or require the flexibility to run a single SOLIDWORKS License on multiple systems, we have some great news to share! A new online licensing model is available for use within SOLIDWORKS 2018 and newer releases! “SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing” allows you to tie one or multiple licenses of SOLIDWORKS to a SOLIDWORKS ID.

Practically speaking this means that you can simply login to any SOLIDWORKS installation with your SOLIDWORKS ID and you will be able to “pull” your license down from the internet directly for use.

Think of it as SOLIDWORKS Licensing that’s “In the Cloud”

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

This new licensing model will be available for the majority of SOLIDWORKS products, and provide greater flexibility for users who work across multiple installations of SOLIDWORKS on more than one system. All customers that are using Standalone licenses will have access to the new licensing model — whether or not they have chosen to move forward with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service.

In simple terms, it means License Administrators can now “Attach” licenses to a particular SOLIDWORKS User and not have to worry about releasing existing activations that are tied to an individual workstation.

Companies now have the flexibility to use a combination of SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing, Machine Based Activation and Floating Network license models within their design ecosystems as needed.  Your choice of Licensing Model will boil down to decisions surrounding how your users need to access the SOLIDWORKS family of applications on their systems. Please keep in mind, that changes to the assigned Licensing Model can be made at any time by your SOLIDWORKS Administrator “on the fly” with no costs involved. Currently Online Licensing is not available for floating network licenses (SolidNetwork License, aka SNL).

Which licensing model is right for your SOLIDWORKS Users?

Online Licensing

  • Users can enjoy their SOLIDWORKS License across all of their devices.
  • The License follows the individual who logs in using a SOLIDWORKS ID
  • No longer have to remember to Activate or Transfer licenses from one system to another
  • ONLINE LICENSES are tied to a single SOLIDWORKS ID
  • The ability to synchronize SOLIDWORKS settings across their devices.
  • Optional OFFLINE MODE permitting the license to be used for up to 30 days while workstation is disconnected from the Internet
  • Enhanced control for SOLIDWORKS Administrators.
  • Online Licensing is not available for SOLIDWORKS PDM Products
  • Unnecessary to handle lengthy SOLIDWORKS Serial Numbers
  • Take advantage of Administrative Image deployments

Machine Based Activation

  • Maintain a license “Tied” to a single workstation.
  • Use licenses for periods of longer than 30 days without having to re-connect to the internet
  • Does not require a SOLIDWORKS ID or credentials to Start SOLIDWORKS
  • No need for an individual to administer licenses.
  • Removes the potential for License “Drops” if an internet connection fails for more than a few minutes
  • Take advantage of Administrative Image deployments
  • Once Activated the license is Unaffected by server or other network issues.

Floating SolidNetWork (SNL) Licensing

  • Share a pool of available licenses to maximize license usage within your design ecosystem.
  • Various product levels available to everyone as needed
  • Extended License borrowing is available (beyond 30 days)
  • Cost to purchase SNL licensing as a deployment option
  • Can take advantage of Administrative Image deployments
  • Supports SOLIDWORKS PDM Products (both SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional & SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard)
  • SNL licenses can be rendered offline by issues that are effecting the host server.

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Prerequisites

There are a few prerequisites to be aware of before getting started with SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing:

  1. You will need to decide upon SOLIDWORKS ID that will manage the licenses (An administrator)
  2. You will need to have SOLIDWORKS ID’s created for members of your team who wish to have licenses assigned
  3. You must have internet access in order to Sign-In and use SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
  4. You must be using SOLIDWORKS 2018 or a later release, in order to take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

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Continue our series of articles with part 2, as we touch on the major aspects and steps involved that will help you make a smooth transition over to SOLIDWORKS online licensing model successfully.

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