Additive Manufacturing Event Recap: Society of Automotive Engineers Ontario

Article by Eissa Ahmad updated June 5, 2018


Javelin hosted a great Automotive Additive Manufacturing event with the Society of Automotive Engineers Ontario in April 2018. The event kicked off with an amazing dinner as well as a networking session, followed by a special guest speaker presentation and success stories from Canadian manufacturing companies. Watch the highlights video below:

About the Society of Automotive Engineers

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a global association of more than 120,000 engineers working in aerospace, automotive, and commercial-vehicle industries. They provide the most comprehensive collection of mobility engineering resources, and establish consensus-based standards to advance quality, safety, and innovation in the world of transportation.

Researching 3D Printing at the Event

During this special event at Javelin’s Oakville office, Greg Whitman – a Senior Applications Engineer at Stratasys – discussed how Additive Manufacturing can improve vehicle assembly processes. He also spoke about the use of 3D printing materials like Nylon and ULTEM for jigs and fixtures. Greg went over the Stratasys Ecosystem and workflow, along with an in-depth explanation of both FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technologies. After the presentations, attendees went on a tour of the Oakville 3D printing lab, where they got hands-on experience with Stratasys 3D printers, including a live demo of a Stratasys F123 Series Printer 

Society of Automotive Engineers event

Automotive Additive Manufacturing Example Parts

3D Printing Jigs & Fixtures

Additive Manufacturing provides great benefits in the development of jigs and fixtures in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can now design and 3D print custom jigs and fixtures in-house to fit their specific needs. The lack of design limitations allows designers to engineer parts that are ergonomic and reduce strain on workers. Parts are also more lightweight and rugged than ever with new developments in industrial plastics for FDM.    

We were very excited to work with the SAE in hosting this event at our Oakville, Ontario location. We look forward to working with them again on future events!

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