Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam for Subscription Customers

Article by Adam Ferrer, last updated on July 31, 2018

If you have an active subscription with SOLIDWORKS you and your team can write a Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam.

SOLIDWORKS Certification is like the black belt, that patch on your sleeve, or the badge on your sash. Its a symbol of one’s knowledge, skill, and competency with SOLIDWORKS, so what are the benefits of obtaining a certification?

  • Looks good on the resume — Having a SOLIDWORKS certification on your resume is a booster because it represents your knowledge and competency using the software to somebody who hasn’t seen your work.
  • Looks good on the company’s resume — There is a boost of confidence in your company knowing that you employees are capable, especially if your business is service based, having a certified staff inspires more confidence from customers and makes your company more competitive.
  • Test your skills — Benchmark your abilities with SOLIDWORKS. The certification exams are a perfect measure of your skills and proof that you can use the software competently.

Discover the benefits of SOLIDWORKS Certification in the video below

DS SolidWorks has created a multitude of exams that focus on different areas of their products and in varying difficulties. The catalogue includes:

  • CSWA – Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate
  • CSWP – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • CSWE – Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert
  • PDM (CPPA)
  • Simulation (CSWA, CSWP)
  • Electrical  (CSWA)
  • Surfacing (CSWPA)
  • Mold Making (CSWPA)
  • Sheet Metal (CSWPA)
  • Weldments (CSWPA)
  • Drawing Tools (CSWPA)
  • Additive Manufacturing (CSWA)
  • Sustainability (CSWA)
  • Mold Based Design (CSWP)

Subscription customers get:

One free core (CSWA or CSWP) and one free advanced (CSWPA) exam voucher can be received for each seat of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription Service. The CSWE exam is not included in the list of FREE exams.

Get Your Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam Codes

To begin the process you need to sign in to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. If you do not have an account already you will have to create one. It is highly recommended to take advantage of this resource because it gives you access to the knowledge base, forums, training files, downloads, SPRs, etc. You can create your Customer Portal Account / SolidWorks ID here:

Note: The VOUCHER CODE retrieved from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal is not the same as the EVENT ID you get via text for the exam. The voucher code is for subscription users and it is used to obtain the event ID and the event ID is used for the exam.

  1. Once you’re logged in click on “Certification”

    Certification in Customer Portal

    Certification in Customer Portal

2. On the right side of the page click “Certification Offers for Subscription Service Customers”

Certification Offers for Subscription Service Customers

Certification Offers for Subscription Service Customers

4. The voucher code will be displayed in the blue window. This is the code you will need to use to get your event ID via text.

NOTE: If you need vouchers for multiple users, simply REFRESH the page and a new voucher code will be generated.

Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam Code

Voucher Code

5. To get your Event ID  text the voucher code followed by the exam code to (617) 795-3131 (In North America)

Exam Codes are:

  • Sheet Metal: SM
  • Weldments: WD
  • Surfacing: SU
  • Mold Tools: MT
  • Drawing Tools: DT
  • Additive Manufacturing: AM


Text Message

Text Message

SAMPLE – If I wanted the Event ID to write the CSWP core exam and the Specialized Surface Modeling exam using the voucher code obtained above, my text would read:


You would then receive the event ID codes back for each exam. The return text will consist of event ID’s for each of the 3 segments of the CSWP exam (CSWP Exam is written in three parts), and the event ID for the Surfacing exam.

These are the event ID / Voucher codes you will have to enter into the test client to gain access to your FREE exam. Remember, the exam must be written as soon as the code is entered, each mobile device provides two vouchers per year (first between Jan. 1- June 30 and the second between July 1- Dec. 31), each event ID expires after 180 days and exam vouchers are non-transferable and violating this policy will result in cancellation of certificates and freezing out your Virtual Tester account.

Getting Ready for the Exam

  1. Exams are written online through the Tangix TesterPro client. Download the client here then click run. 
  2. Login or create a VirtualTester account.
    Candidate Registration

    Candidate Registration


  3. After logging in, enter you Event ID then select the exam that corresponds with the ID entered and then begin your exam.

    Exam Selection

    Exam Selection

Sample Exams

DS SolidWorks provides sample exams for CSWA and CSWP so you can prepare for the one that counts! Doing sample exams are beneficial because it will let you gauge the difficulty of the test, what to expect and get familiar with the format of the test. The tests are located in the same area as the other exams within the Virtual TesterPro client.

Sample Exams

Sample Exams

The PDF Versions of the practice tests can be found here:

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