Assign SOLIDWORKS Products to Members using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Article by John Lee, CSWP created/updated February 20, 2019

Article #4 in our SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing series:

In our previous article we showed you how to Invite Users to participate in SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing. But before a SOLIDWORKS user can make use of their SOLIDWORKS ID to login to their SOLIDWORKS Products, an administrator will need to ensure that products have been assigned to that user.


Begin by selecting the desired user from your list of Members within the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Select a User in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Select a User in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal


The “member details” page will load, where you can VERIFY that you have selected the correct member (user).


VERIFY that the license you intend to apply is set to “Online Licensing”.

If the Online Licensing Column reads “Y” or “N” the SOLIDWORKS Product is still set to use the Machine Activation Mechanism and will not be available if logging into SOLIDWORKS using your SOLIDWORKS ID

(That procedure may be found in the following article)


Select the line of the SOLIDWORKS product within the “Available Products Table” you wish to assign. The product line will highlight in blue when selected.


Select the “Assign Product” link

Assign Product in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Assign Product in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal


You should see an pop up dialog present you with confirmation that the product has been assigned to the user.

Once a SOLIDWORKS License is assigned to a particular user, you can proceed to Enabling the ONLINE LICENSING Functionality for the user.

Next Steps

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