Transition your SOLIDWORKS Installation over to use SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated February 22, 2019


Article #6 in our SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing series:


Please review the following articles prior to making attempts to switch your SOLIDWORKS client installation over to the Online Licensing model:

  1. Introducing SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
  2. Getting started with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
  3. Inviting users to participate in SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
  4. Assigning SOLIDWORKS Products to Members using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
  5. Enable Online Licensing for your SOLIDWORKS Products


Begin the process of transitioning your SOLIDWORKS installation over to Online Licensing by starting up SOLIDWORKS on the system (this is the system that had been previously deactivated and is installed using the identical serial number that the administrator has adjusted within the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal).

SOLIDWORKS will prompt you to Activate.

The Activation will fail with the following Error:

SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Fail Error

SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Fail Error

Select “No” and allow SOLIDWORKS to close.



SOLIDWORKS now knows that it should present you with a dialog to sign into your SOLIDWORKS Account, in order to access the Online License.

Enter your email address attached to the SOLIDWORKS ID as well as the password:



Once you choose the LOG IN button, the SOLIDWORKS interface should load & you should be able to proceed with using SOLIDWORKS normally.

Your SOLIDWORKS License will now follow your SOLIDWORKS ID on whichever system you choose to login – provided you have internet access.

No internet access?

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