How to disable SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Launch at Windows Startup

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE created/updated March 20, 2019

Every time I startup my Windows 10 laptop, I would be prompted to log into all my SOLIDWORKS PDM Vaults. Since I typically have 3+ Vaults this was one of those little annoyances that I finally decided to do something about.

After some searching, I found what I believe was the culprit. At some point some of my PDM folders made their way into my Quick Access favorites. Not because I pinned these folders to Quick access, but because they were frequently used. In my case, these were the SOLIDWORKS Design Library and/or the SOLIDWORKS Routing library folders.

To Disable SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Launch

In order to disable SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Launch at startup, I accessed the Windows Quick Access options by right-clicking on the Quick Access icon and selection Options from the shortcut menu:

Accessing Quick Access Options

Accessing Quick Access Options

In the Privacy section of the Quick Access Options, I deselected Show frequently used folders in Quick Access. As an added measure, I also cleared the File Explorer History.

Disable SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Launch Quick Access Options

Quick Access Options

Joe Medeiros, CSWE

Joe Medeiros is a SOLIDWORKS and PDM Certified Expert. He has been helping SOLIDWORKS users with training, mentoring and implementations since 1998. He combines industry experience with a thorough understanding of SOLIDWORKS products to assist customers in being successful. He shares his experience and expertise through blogs; one of which has been incorporated into the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training manual.

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