SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2019 Installation Guide

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated May 15, 2019


There are two methods that can be used to install the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional components. One is the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, the other is the purpose-built installer, located in the SWPDMServer sub-folder, of the installation file-set. In this article, we will look at the using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. We have also created an Installation Guide for the purpose built installer.

Installation Requirements

Before the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2019 components can be installed, the following should be completed or considered:

  1. Ensure that the systems where SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional will be installed are compatible.
  2. Install the SOLIDWORKS License Manager.
  3. Install SQL Server. SOLIDWORKS PDM  Professional 2019, ships with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard, which can be found on media disks, that ships with SOLIDWORKS. If you will be using your own instance of SQL, it should be dedicated to PDM. Poor performance can occur, if other applications are using the same SQL instance. You can download the PDM Installation Guide, for more information regarding the installation of SQL.
  4. To maximize performance, the PDM server should be singularly dedicated to PDM.
  5. Better performance may be achieved, by having a dedicated server, for the Database and Archive components of PDM.
  6. The network connecting PDM components (Database, Archive and Client), must be sufficient to accommodate the extra load of data transfers.
  7. System security such as firewalls and anti-virus programs, may need to be adjusted, to allow communication between the different PDM components. By default PDM uses ports 3030 and 1433. The License Manger uses Port 25734, by default.

Start the Installation

To launch the SOLIDWORKS PDM  Professional, using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, right-click on the Setup executable and choose Run as Administrator. The Setup executable, will be in the root, of the SOLIDWORKS Installation folder.

Run as Administrator

On the Welcome screen, select Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Server…, from the list of Server Products.


When presented with the Summary page, click on Change for SOLIDWORKS PDM Server.

Change SOLIDWORKS PDM Server Options

In SWPDM Server Options, select  the Server Product (be careful to select the right Server Product), the Installation Location and what features will be installed.

Identifying Server Product, Installation Location and Features to Install

Having client installed on the server, can be used to quickly determine, if a issue is related to your network, the PDM server or PDM. If there are no issues connecting on the server, but there are on a client, then the issue is likely related to the network or client computer. If multiple clients are experiencing issues, then the issue is likely related to the network.

Configure the Database Server

Once the Features to be installed have been selected, the Database Server has to be identified. Also, the ‘sa’ password, that was created during the installation of Microsoft SQL Server, needs to be entered.

Server Name and ‘sa’ Password

Once all the fields have been completed, click on Back to Summary. Once back in the Summary page, click on Install Now, to complete the installation.

Once the installation is complete click Finish.

Finish SOLIDWORKS PDM Server Installation

Archive Server Configuration

This will then launch the Archive Server Configuration process.

Archive Server Configuration

During this process you will be asked where your vaulted files will be stored. This is known as the Archive Folder.

Archive Folder

You will also be asked to enter the default Admin Password. This password will be used by default, for all vaults that will be created. Though a different password can chosen for newly created vaults, if desired.

Default Admin Password


At this point you will enter the default SQL user login and password. Generally the default user is ‘sa’ and the same password can be used, that was specified during the Installation of SQL

SQL User Login and Password


On the next screen you can define which Windows accounts, should have administrative access, for things such creating removing or attaching vaults.

Windows accounts User/Group Security Settings.

PDM has three options for logging into a vault. These are PDM, Window and LDAP. In the next screen identify which login Type will be used.

Login Type


Once all the required information is entered, the Archive Server Configuration is Completed.

Archive Server Configuration is Completed

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