How to replace a Print Head on a Stratasys F120 Desktop 3D Printer

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 7, 2019


The Stratasys F120 is designed to be reliable, easy to work with, and more importantly easy to maintain. Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to replace a print head on the Stratasys F120:

How is the Stratasys F120 different?

The Stratasys F120 has all the features and benefits of larger industrial-grade 3D printers. Print complex designs with confidence thanks to soluble support. Enjoy unrivaled ease of use and accuracy with every print.

Stratasys F120 Print Head Desktop

Stratasys F120 Desktop Machine

The F120 provides Plug and Print functionality:

  • Easy to use with a top-rated user experience.
  • Office-friendly with minimal prep and no special venting or power required.
  • Extremely minimal training burden with GrabCAD print. No tinkering involved.
  • Optimized and tuned to spend more time designing and less time setting up or reprinting.
  • Connected (local/global).

The F120 is reliable, accurate and durable:

  • Nonstop printing- large material cartridge allows long overnight or weekend runs. No downtime.
  • Variable speed control means the fastest printing in its class.
  • Be confident print jobs will be error-free. Success on your first print attempt means minimal wasted material.
  • Soluble support with engineering materials (ABS and ASA) allows the most complex parts and assemblies in a single build – freeing users from design/manufacturing limitations.
  • [Education] Teach students on industry-leading 3D printing technology.

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