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SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Milling Setup 8/9: Simulate Toolpaths

Article by Shawn McEachern created/updated September 17, 2019

The integrated simulator in SOLIDWORKS CAM is a great way to preview your set-up and trouble shoot issues. Click Simulate Toolpath in the CAM command manager or right-mouse on Mill Part Setup1 and select Simulate Toolpath.

Simulate Toolpath

Simulate Toolpath

  1. Play and jog buttons for controlling the simulation.
  2. Display options for items visible during the simulation. Here we may change the display style of the model, hide or show tool holders, cut section views and compare the operations to the original model using the Difference option.
  3. Collision options for handling crash warnings during the simulation. Can be set to stop, cut or ignore for tool, tool holder and tool shank collisions.
  4. Export options for saving JPG images and work in progress STL files for future set-ups.

In the simulator options we can alter the speed and accuracy of the simulation.

Toolpath Options

Toolpath Options

Next, we will post process our NC code.

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