Javelin customer Spartan Bioscience designs revolutionary rapid testing kit for COVID-19

Article by Karen Majerly updated April 27, 2020


Updated May 4, 2020. Javelin’s customers excel in every sector, from product design and top-tier manufacturing to healthcare and education. Right now, many of them are shifting, diversifying, retooling, and retraining, in some cases to contribute directly to fighting COVID-19, in other cases to support ongoing essential work in sectors such as agriculture and food production, energy, and transportation. We are proud to feature stories of some of the Canadian businesses doing exceptional work.

Spartan Bioscience

One of Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS customers in Canada’s capital region is having a massive impact on COVID-19 testing capabilities. On April 13, Spartan Bioscience received Health Canada approval for its rapid, accurate, and portable COVID-19 test, which provides results in less than an hour.

Spartan is currently addressing concerns raised about the efficacy of the proprietary swab. Read this statement from Spartan Bioscience, issued May 3, 2020. 

The Spartan Cube

The “Spartan Cube” is the world’s smallest DNA analyzer, about the size of a coffee cup. The Cube performs the test using Spartan’s test cartridges and proprietary swabs.

The "Spartan Cube" Rendering

The Spartan Cube – COVID-19 rapid testing kit

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design

SOLIDWORKS is Spartan’s primary mechanical design tool. They also use SOLIDWORKS PDM (product data management) to manage their CAD data.

Using SOLIDWORKS helped make accelerated product development possible, with both time savings and reduced errors. Having the PDM and SOLIDWORKS systems set up to handle component information through custom properties and data cards, to be able to automatically fill in elements like drawing title blocks and bill of materials, meant that no one on the team had to spend time on “paperwork.” They spent time building models and testing them.

Spartan’s engineering team also recognized support from Javelin, attributing much of their learning to Javelin’s training courses, technical blog, and resource library.

Thank you, Spartan Bioscience

Spartan’s made-in-Canada testing solution is designed to be used by non-laboratory personnel in settings such as airports, border crossings, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and remote communities. Thank you to Spartan Bioscience for their contribution to fighting the pandemic.

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