SOLIDWORKS Design Time Tracking and SR&ED

Article by James Swackhammer updated June 11, 2020


When doing SOLIDWORKS design work, time tracking is a great idea. I have done a bunch of time studies in the manufacturing world and this helps dictate how long an expected operation should take. Take your car dealership mechanic for example, if you take your car in to change brakes, they have a book (online or physical) saying how long it should take to swap out brakes, as well as the cost and inventory.

The other main reason for time tracking is Scientific Research and Experimental Development, or better known as SR&ED. This is a Canadian tax program that can provide monetary incentives for companies of all sizes and scales. For more information, I have included a link to the government SR&ED article.

Bad News:

SOLIDWORKS kernel doesn’t have time tracking capabilities. This has been an enhancement request for years. To make an enhancement request, please take a look at this article.

Good News:

With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, time tracking is capable, but requires some setup and daily logs. I have included a couple of videos on how this works:

And our other Time Logging video.

The other method would be using the file properties to see when the file was created and when it was last saved.

Currently, there are third party trackers out there and with a quick internet search I’m sure it’s fairly easy to find them. Javelin and SOLIDWORKS does not support those.

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