Enhancements to User Interface Fundamentals in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Article by Julian Wolf, CSWP updated March 29, 2021


SOLIDWORKS 2021 brings several enhancements to improve the user interface (UI), across a range of dialog windows and menu options.

Editing Materials

When SOLIDWORKS Simulation is active, editing materials in a study provides an additional option in the Edit Material dialog window (right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Material) to access more materials from the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal. After downloading these additional .sldmat files, they can be added to the list of material folders using the Add button highlighted below (in previous releases this was labelled Open).

Add option in material dialog window

Add option in material dialog window

Measure Tool

In the Measure Tool, the Quick Copy functionality has been removed. To copy numeric values to the clipboard, double-click the value to highlight it, then select Copy.

Copy numerical values from Measure Tool

Copy numerical values from Measure Tool


The dropdown menu options for the SOLIDWORKS Search bar have changed. The additional options under MySolidWorks have been removed.

SOLIDWORKS Search bar comparison

SOLIDWORKS Search bar comparison

When using the Search bar for SOLIDWORKS Help, any searches now open in your default browser.

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