Electrical Design System Migration Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Article by Dassault Systèmes updated November 3, 2021


Fear of an electrical design software change? Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical makes it easy to migrate from your existing system.

Changing your electrical design system

Fear of change is natural, especially when related to critical aspects of our daily routine. Passionate designers and engineers covet their CAD tools as though life itself depends on them. In today’s world, life as we know it does depend on these CAD tools to enable great minds with the freedom to create life-changing products.

Is your current electrical design process limited by aging technology? Is the fear of change holding you back from embracing a more modern system? Change doesn’t have to be scary.

DS SOLIDWORKS has developed guides and software features to remove the fear and make your migration easy.

In this on-demand webinar SOLIDWORKS Electrical experts help dispel some common fear factors such as:

  • Loss of legacy project data
  • Loss of productivity
  • Learning Curve
  • Workflow Flexibility
  • Quality & Format of Deliverables

Greater agility, flexibility, and collaboration are needed to innovate intelligent products

Today’s innovative consumer products and intelligent manufacturing systems require the convergence and synchronization of electrical, electronic, and mechanical design efforts into a single, unified development process.  Download the white paper to learn how real-world customers are finding success in this incredibly competitive market by using SOLIDWORKS-integrated solutions.

Download the paper to learn how these integrated tools can help you:  

  • Develop, produce, and introduce innovative consumer products more cost effectively
  • Make ECOs faster and easier; changes are automatically reflected in related data
  • Shorten design cycles and reduce designs costs
  • Leverage 3D design data downstream for greater efficiencies
  • Eliminate errors and improve quality as a result of better collaboration between stakeholders
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