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Article by Dassault Systèmes updated December 10, 2021


What is the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer / XWZO-OC? This is a new SOLIDWORKS bundle that brings nine powerful next-generation design apps together running on the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for a complete product development solution.



Design Apps on the Cloud

With intuitive, task-oriented apps, you can create mechanicalcomplex-shapedframe structured, and sheet metal designs; 2D drawings3D annotationsphotorealistic renderings; and product documentation. Built-in data and product lifecycle management in the cloud means you can manage product information, hassle-free, from any device allowing you to focus on design through manufacture.

Collaborate in real time across disciplines, departments, and your entire business ecosystem, including customers, partners, and suppliers. As your business and needs grow, add new tools that work together seamlessly, and have a consistent user experience so you can design, validate, and manage the development of your products in one place, on the platform.

What’s included with SOLIDWORKS Cloud?

The following 3DEXPERIENCE Roles/Apps are included with the new SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer:

  1. SOLIDWORKS 3D Creator: Browser-based 3D parametric modeling role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that lets teams create conceptual and detailed designs easily.
  2. SOLIDWORKS 3D Render: Easily create & share photorealistic renderings of your product to promote a design and deliver stunning content for customer engagements. Using a fully scalable cloud infrastructure, 3D Render is the perfect rendering app for extending the value of CAD product design into marketing, sales, and after-sales.
  3. SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor: Browser-based subdivision modeling role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that lets teams create highly stylized, organically and ergonomically shaped products quickly and easily.
  4. SOLIDWORKS 3D Sheetmetal Creator: An intuitive, browser-based solution that offers associative parametric sheet metal design capabilities to build components, assemblies and enclosures.
  5. SOLIDWORKS 3D Structure Creator: Is a browser-based solution for engineers and designers to create feature-based frames and structures.
  6. SOLIDWORKS Product Document Creator: A browser-based solution that organizes and communicates PMI and MBD information directly on 3D models.
  7. SOLIDWORKS Drafter: Reduces the time and cost of your design-to-manufacturing process by generating drawings of 3D parts and assemblies (note at this time SOLIDWORKS Drafter is a cloud-connected application and is installed on your desktop).
  8. Collaborative Industry Innovator: Browser-based role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for product lifecycle management featuring issue, change and route management, 3D visualization and markup, Kanban-style task management and more.
  9. Collaborative Business Innovator: Browser-based role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for centralized team collaboration offering secure data storage and sharing, tailored dashboards, social communities and more.

Does the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer include SOLIDWORKS Desktop?

No, if you want SOLIDWORKS Desktop with some of these cloud apps then you should look at 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Offers.

NOTE: SOLIDWORKS Desktop files can be opened but not edited with the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer

What are the Key Capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer?

  • Powerful: Parametric and subdivision modeling in the cloud with next-generation 3D design
    • Easily create conceptual and detailed designs for components and assemblies of any complexity using flexible design workflows and built-in intelligence.
    • Create complex surfaces quickly using intuitive push-pull interaction to shape your design and automatically convert subdivision surfaces to geometry when finished.
    • Automate tasks as you never could before, from sketching to feature selection and much more, with Design Assistant, the artificial intelligence engine on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
    • Understand structural requirements due to defined loads and constraints before creating geometry, using Design Guidance to easily explore optimal material distribution.
    • Iterate rapidly and change design intent without the rework associated with traditional parametric modeling. With all your data on the platform, you don’t need to worry about the structure of parts and assemblies up front—it can be changed at any point of the process.
  • Streamlined: Specialized design, photorealistic rendering, and innovative product documentation
    • Build complex models for a broad range of industries with ease, using specialized capabilities for sheet metal, cast parts and weldments, surfacing, and more.
    • Design sheet metal components with automatically generated flat patterns and create fully detailed frames with accurate cut lists that are ready for fabrication.
    • Create photorealistic product renders and 360 degree turntable animations directly from the design reference so you can highlight your product’s value, enable partners, and win more customers—all while manufacturing your product.
    • Avoid costly discrepancies between models and physical parts with the ability to quickly add product manufacturing information and share it with suppliers, reducing the risks when moving from design to production.
    • Quickly generate 2D drawings of parts and assemblies from your 3D models, reducing the time and cost of your design-to-manufacturing process.
  • All SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions work together seamlessly making data management, sharing and collaboration easy. The SOLIDWORKS Cloud can take advantage of the following platform capabilities:
    • View, share, annotate, discuss and manage designs from anywhere, at any time and on any device with a web browser.
    • Store all your product data in a centralized, secure location and access it from any device without having to install specialized software.
    • Manage the lifecycle of CAD data and documentation across disciplines and CAD applications.
    • Track issues, changes, and routes, and reduce conflicting edits from multiple contributors with built-in revision control. Create digital markups directly from the design data for use throughout the change process.
    • Easily visualize ideas and concepts and share with everyone, fostering innovation, with built-in collaboration tools such as communities and conversations.
    • Communicate among teams in one central location and conduct spontaneous and casual brainstorming sessions thanks to infinite virtual whiteboards.
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