How to Invite Users to SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated February 4, 2022


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In previous article we showed you how to get started with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

Before users can be assigned SOLIDWORKS assets, an administrator must “invite” the user to the Admin Portal.

Please follow the steps below in order to invite additional members to the Admin Portal.


After arriving at the main page of the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, choose the “Members” selection within the page header and select the “Invite Member” link located at the top of the members list:

SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal Members

SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal Members


As shown in the screenshot below start by entering the email address[es] associated with the SOLIDWORKS ID of the individual you wish to invite.

Next specify the appropriate User Rights for the individual[s], proceed to refining the invitation message for the users.

Then select the Send Invitations button:

Member Invitation

Member Invitation

Once the message has been sent, you will be returned to the main page of the Admin Portal.

As a confirmation step that the invitation has gone out successfully, check the “User Rights” column of the Admin Portal Members page to ensure that the member’s status is set to “PENDING”.

**I also suggest that the user check Junk mail folders if the automated message does not arrive.


The SOLIDWORKS User will receive an invitation by email to login to their previously created SOLIDWORKS account, or to Create a NEW SOLIDWORKS ID

Sent Invitation Email

Sent Invitation Email

Once the user has selected the link within the email they will be brought to the welcome page:

Welcome Screen for Members

Welcome Screen for Members

Once the user has clicked OK on the welcome screen and logged in using their SOLIDWORKS ID  “User Rights” column of the Admin Portal Members page to ensure that the member’s status has changed to “Member” or “Admin”.

Member User Rights

Member User Rights

You are now ready to proceed with Assigning SOLIDWORKS PRODUCTS to your new Member.

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