A Better Way to Design Products: the Designer’s Perspective

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 24, 2022


Fragmented tools and communication silos slow engineers and designers down and create busywork that impedes their ability to innovate. While getting input from various stakeholders is vital to the process, disparate tools make this process difficult and often time-consuming.

Enter Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS® which connects SOLIDWORKS Desktop to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Designers can securely save SOLIDWORKS design data to the cloud and access it from anywhere with a browser. All 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for design, simulation, manufacturing and governance can leverage the data once it’s on the platform.

Collaborative Designer Features

  • Save on the Cloud: Save your CAD data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and make it available to all solutions on the platform.
  • Review tasks and data: Review tasks and open design data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform without leaving SOLIDWORKS.
  • Share your SOLIDWORKS data: Enable stakeholders to use your design data along with all available business data in the cloud while you continue to work in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Collaborate on any device: Share your SOLIDWORKS designs within your business ecosystem from any device, at any time.
  • Perform Lifecycle Operations: Search, explore, and select relevant design contexts from a web browser, and perform lifecycle operations including revise, release and lock/unlock.
  • Manage on the Cloud: View, share, annotate, discuss and manage designs from anywhere, at any time and on any device with a web browser.
  • Visualize online: Visualize 3D components instantly from any web-enabled device. Navigate tabular and 3D design data simultaneously and easily validate the differences between two product structures.
  • Seamless Interaction: Avoid rework and data translation errors through seamless interaction with 3DEXPERIENCE design tools such as SOLIDWORKS 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor.
  • Securely Manage & Revise: Securely manage your data and all facets of your product development process on the platform. Control revisions with specialized tools.
Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

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Download a white paper to learn how to design products with an integrated approach so that designers and engineers keep using the CAD tools they know and love while gaining the freedom to:

  • Spend more time innovating
  • Design anytime, from anywhere
  • Collaborate more efficiently
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