Getting Started with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated November 30, 2022


Please note that SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing has been discontinued as of February 5, 2022

For further details: SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Discontinuation (

Take control of your SOLIDWORKS assets using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

The SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal is an online service and management interface, where individuals who administrate any size group of SOLIDWORKS licenses can manage an organization’s SOLIDWORKS assets.  The main focus of the Admin Portal is the management and control over the assignment of standalone SOLIDWORKS licenses.

The Admin Portal is “In The Cloud” and accessible from anywhere online, which makes it easy for those responsible for SOLIDWORKS licenses to:

  • Monitor all of your organization’s SOLIDWORKS Products (licenses) and their subscription expiry dates
  • Track which standalone license has been assigned to which Member (user)*.  This affects which license a user can associate to their SOLIDWORKS ID when logging into their SOLIDWORKS Products (we will explain this part in the next article).
  • Identify the name of the computer that has a particular license activated on it, per the machine-based activation system*
  • Provide real-time information, which is a clear advantage compared to manually maintaining a spreadsheet

*The assignment of members to licenses does not regulate who can activate which license on their computer, but does regulate who can associate to which license when registering for their SOLIDWORKS ID in order to access the Customer Portal or mySOLIDWORKS.  In the past, when the now-discontinued Online Licensing functionality (an alternative to machine-based activation) used to be available for SOLIDWORKS 2018 through 2021, the Admin Portal also included the ability to enforce which user could use which license, if said licenses were set to use Online Licensing.  However, with machine-based activation there is no such restriction.

In order to manage licenses among your team, an individual with a SOLIDWORKS ID will need to login and set themselves to be the “Administrator” for an organization’s assets.  Here is the procedure:


For browser, we recommend using Edge: inPrivate mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) for this process.  Chrome: Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) may work as well, but we generally see best results with Edge.

Login or Create a SOLIDWORKS ID via any of these:




If creating your SOLIDWORKS ID for the first time, then the Serial Number that you will enter during the registration process should automatically link your login info to your SOLIDWORKS assets.


If this is the first time that anyone from your organization has attempted to login to the Admin Portal, then you will need to verify that the name of your organization is included in the top lines of the page (may not appear exactly as illustrated below).

Promote me to Administrator button

Promote me to Administrator button

You will need to check the boxes in order to accept the “Terms and Conditions” as well as confirm that you are “responsible for assigning and managing the SOLIDWORKS products at my organization”

Once the checkboxes have been selected, proceed by choosing the “Promote me to Administrator” Button.


Once you have selected the “Promote me to Administrator” Button, you should successfully arrive at the confirmation page that will grant you access to the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

Confirmation Page

Confirmation Page


At this stage in the process, the administrator should reach the main page of the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

Main page of the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Main page of the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Using the menu selections at the top of the page the administrator may continue on and:

  • Explore the Members tab to track who in your organization are included
  • Explore the Products tab to track available SOLIDWORKS products that your organization has purchased
  • Explore the Services tab to track which services are available to your organization (Such as MySolidWorks Professional Subscriptions)
  • Explore the CAD Admin Dashboard tab

You can now access the Admin Portal from any of:

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