Navigate to to access a listing of your SOLIDWORKS assets

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated August 18, 2023


Review your organizations SOLIDWORKS assets using

After recent updates to the SOLIDWORKS online infrastructure the  SOLIDWORKS MyProducts site is now available for use. (

The SOLIDWORKS MyProducts site is an online interface, which will permit those with Security Admin roles to view a record of the SOLIDWORKS assets attached to your organization.  The Security Admin role will need to be assigned through the DSx Client Care and order site. will make it easy for those responsible for SOLIDWORKS licenses to:

  • View all products which contain a unique serial number
  • View license expiration
  • View Support End Date
  • Check if the products have been activated
  • Click on any product to see included products entitled by the same serial number and upon what system that product was activated.
  • Export a detailed spreadsheet of your products

You may notice that this offering has a striking similarity to the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, which has now been retired from service.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we recommend using only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers with default security settings at this time. The login will flash repeatedly and fail in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Incognito mode. This issue is preventing SOLIDWORKS from publishing the link to My Products publicly on


Navigate to


Login using your 3Ds account ensuring that you have the Security Admin role assigned to your account.

Upon login you may see an indicator that the system is “Fetching product details…” if your organization has a large number of assets to display.


Explore your SOLIDWORKS Assets!


If you wish to Export your Asset Listing as a CSV file that can be viewed within Excel or another spreadsheet product, choose the “Download CSV” button in the upper Right-Hand corner of the interface!







Once Downloaded you can carry forward with the offline listing of your SOLIDWORKS Assets!


If you wish to know more about the Transition over to the DSx Client Care and Order System please see the following article: Transitioning to DSx Client Care & Order System

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