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ELYSIUM CAD Translator

Retain PMI and Design Intent when you translate CAD Models into SOLIDWORKS with ELYSIUM

Got a lot of CAD models and drawings to translate into SOLIDWORKS format?  Don't want to lose your design intent in the process?  If so, keep reading! At SOLIDWORKS World...
File Version

How to display the SOLIDWORKS File Version in Windows Explorer

When a file is saved in SOLIDWORKS, the major version that it was last saved in is recorded as a custom property, as shown in the image below: [caption id="attachment_42472"...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Optimization

Reduce Costs with Optimization Studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

When completing structural designs, it is common practice to "over-design" our materials. That is, use a size or thickness of material that we know works despite the potential for additional...
Future proof product design

Learn how to Future Proof your CAD System for the 2020s

Learn the five technologies your CAD system must support to stay ahead of the curve in the 2020s. In today’s competitive landscape, companies must innovate to stay ahead of competitors...

SOLIDWORKS angle dimension between 3 points

What if we need an angle dimension in a sketch, but one of the entities is not a line (perhaps it is a spline or arc instead)?  The answer, we...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019

Save Time with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019

What would you do with more time? The sky is the limit: you could become the next Carlos Santana, create an industry disrupting technology, or have more chances to perfect...

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