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How to Add Missing Fonts to SOLIDWORKS

Do you ever get this SOLIDWORKS Missing Font warning when trying to open a part that came from someone else? "Use a temporary replacement font." SOLIDWORKS...
SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance Improvements

The increased performance of SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 makes your day-to-day use faster than ever before. You no longer have to wait for file contents and their details to load to...
Navigation Controls - Back and Forward Buttons

Enhanced navigation controls for records in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020

The main user interface has been enhanced in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020, adding controls that allow users to navigate and jump between records and different objects with ease. Back and Forward...
Certification Program

Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam for Subscription Customers

If you have an active subscription with SOLIDWORKS, you and your team can write free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams. SOLIDWORKS Certification is a symbol of ones knowledge, skill, and competency with...
SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance Improvements

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Browsing Performance Improvements

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 the performance of browsing in the PDM vault view has increased. SOLIDWORKS PDM now loads the data in the background, which improves the browsing responsiveness....
SOLIDWORKS 2020 Deactivate Licenses

SOLIDWORKS Standalone License Deactivation and Activation

SOLIDWORKS Standalone licenses (serial numbers beginning with 9000...) are locked to a specific computer and hardware ID.  At some point you may need to transfer the license off the current...

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