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How to change user name to full name in SOLIDWORKS PDM

In SOLIDWORKS PDM, the user name can be changed to full name displayed in the "Checked Out By" column. SOLIDWORKS PDM Checked Out By Column This...
Link Notes to Custom Properties

Save time by linking Notes and Features to Custom Properties in SOLIDWORKS

Why should you link notes and features to custom properties in SOLIDWORKS? Well have you ever needed to add a stamp to a SOLIDWORKS part to call out the same...


The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is Dassault Systèmes foray into cloud-based collaborative design, and the gateway to the platform is the 3DEXPERIENCE Compass. The Compass consists of four quadrants, each containing a...
Top 50 SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks

Top 50 Obscure SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks

Over many years, SOLIDWORKS applications expert; Jim Peltier, has accumulated a list of more than 100 of tips and tricks. Watch his on-demand webinar below to learn top 50 time-saving tips from...

SOLIDWORKS Customer Feedback Survey Out Now

If you are a SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customer you may have recently received a SOLIDWORKS Customer Feedback Survey email in your inbox from with the title “Your success is...

Configuring the SOLIDWORKS PDM Print Task

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can configure the Print task provided by the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in to specify the computer, printer, and print settings to use. The Print task can...

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