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Sheet Metal Bend Direction

When using Convert to Sheet Metal tool, the selected fixed face will define the bend direction.   The Bend Direction specified in the flat-view of a drawing will be normal...

Applying Cosmetic Threads to SOLIDWORKS Parts and Drawings

If you ever get a chance to use the "cosmetic thread" function in a part, you may also want to display a related callout annotation in your 2D drawing. Inserting...
Fig. 1 Gold Medal for Andrew

Mint Your Own Gold Medals with SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360

Getting your Expert Certification in SolidWorks (CSWE) can be compared to winning a Gold Medal in a top competition! There is only one very small, but somewhat important difference, though: Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks...
How to : Work with Symbols

How to : Work with Symbols

E3 has a very good collection of components from different manufacturers and all the symbols and panel models are part of the components. Having said that what if you don’t...
copy tree

5 Ways Project Management JUST got Easier

Project Managers are constantly being pushed to the limits to keep their projects on time and within budget while maintaining a high degree of quality.  As time-lines are being shortened and margins...
Dimension Palette

Drawing Dimension Palette Options

Back in SolidWorks 2010, a new functionality was added to drawings where selecting a dimension causes a context toolbar to pop up, called the Dimension Palette.  This feature provided quick...

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