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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Mates Management – 3 Time Saving Tips

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Mates Management – 3 Time Saving Tips

Do you feel you waste too much time finding component specific mates in large assemblies? Do you spend more time clicking in the feature manager, fishing for those mates than...

Adding an Image/Decal to your Model in SOLIDWORKS Composer

When creating an image of your product for marketing or instruction manuals you will probably want to add your company logo to the model (referred to as an actor). A...

EPDM – Grey Files/Folders in the Local Vault View???

A "grey" file or folder in the vault view means that there is a cached local copy, but the logged in user either does not have read (read file, view...

[with Video] Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Virtual Reality Therapy – A New Javelin Reality Project

“Afghanistan was easy, this is hell,” Ann LeClair confessed to the CBC reporter as she described the worry and heartache of watching her son Travis Schouten, suffer through the nightmare...
FDM Jig in use

Learn how Objet 3D printers provide new solutions to old needs [VIDEO]

After a few weeks of using an Objet 3D printer many customers realize that a printer can be applied to many other areas of their business in order to solve...

Save Time Creating a Complex SOLIDWORKS Mold Split [VIDEO]

People ask me all the time what areas of SOLIDWORKS to study in order to do their job effectively. Part modeling? Mold Design? Surfacing? Assemblies? The short answer is ALL of THEM!...

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