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Still Drafting like this on a computer ??

Top 5 Reasons to use an Intelligent Electrical Design Tool

In the design and manufacturing industries the electrical team is usually the last to get essential design tools. It seems that the belief is the electrical team will get the...
Presenting 3D Printed Models

How to make the right decision when purchasing a 3D printer: Presenting the proposal to your management team.

Presenting 3D Printed Parts

At this point you have realized that owning a 3D printer will streamline your product development process, and provide additional benefits such...
Fig. 1: Rebuild Error when Offsetting or Thickening Surfaces

Troubleshooting the Offset and Thicken Surface Commands

How many times have you tried offsetting a set of faces only to get the error shown in fig. 1? [caption id="attachment_2849" align="aligncenter" width="677" caption="Fig. 1: Rebuild Error when Offsetting...
SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground

Changing the default Viewport Ground in SOLIDWORKS Composer

When working in SOLIDWORKS Composer you will notice that there is a Dassault Systèmes logo on the SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground. If you want to remove this, or change it...
Database missing

SOLIDWORKS Database is Missing! Complete functionality will not be available?

Have you ever seen these messages before when launching SOLIDWORKS? SolidWorks Database Missing. Complete functionality will not be available. SolidWorks Database is missing error message Or what...

SOLIDWORKS Command Search is a great time saver

I have a feeling that the SOLIDWORKS Command Search function will become your new best friend. No more wasting time trying to find the icon or menu item for a particular...

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