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Advanced Modeling: Degenerate Surface

Surfacing technique is a very powerful one.  It can help users create complex shapes, but it can also cause geometry problems if you are not careful. Let's talk about one...
No preview shown

Why is the file preview missing in my SOLIDWORKS Open dialog?

Recently I experienced a problem with SOLIDWORKS where there was no preview of my model displayed in the File > Open dialog. As you can see in the figure below the preview icon was displayed instead...
PhotoView 360 Rendered Animation

PhotoView 360 Rendered Animation in SOLIDWORKS

If you like my previous post about a rendered cruise boat video, you should see PhotoView 360 Rendered Animation too. The Javelin office just moved to a new location earlier...

3D Printing Project – Wall-E (Part II)

Continuing from Part 1 of my Wall-E project...One of the most import pieces in the Wall-E, body, is finally printed.  It determines how the limbs and the head are connected. ...
Make Block

Reuse Common Annotations with the Design Library

If you're constantly adding the same annotations to your drawings, save some time and add them to the Design Library.  This gives you quick access to drag and drop them...
The area where you can show the BOM columns

How to Show BOM Info in the SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly Tree

In SOLIDWORKS Composer it's possible to show the columns of the BOM in the Assembly Tree area.  This can help to show which properties have been filled in, at a...

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