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Reset GUI buttons

How to reset the 3DVIA Composer User Interface (GUI)

Resetting the GUI in 3DVIA Composer is easily accomplished through the menu: File -> Preferences -> General, then click on the either the "Reset Prompts" or "Reset GUI Layout" buttons. [caption...
SolidWorks Stars

SolidWorks Star Blog of the Month: (#1 Resource for Rendering)

Blog Address: Author: Rob Rodriguez Author's Description of his Blog: is a way for me to give back to the SolidWorks community in the forum of tutorials and information revolving around visualization.  Most...

Do you have a smart meter? Do you want to save money?

Lowfoot( is a website that will allow you to connect to your smart-meter and track to your energy consumption. The great art of this is if you drop your energy...
log file

EPDM – Where to locate the Enterprise User Log File

Often the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM log file can be instrumental in pin pointing user specific issues.  Entries in the log file can be used to find a solution in the...
Set the criterion for Assembly Visualization

Find the weakest link! Which assembly component(s) takes the longest to rebuild?

Have you ever been in this situation? Upon opening your assembly you get a prompt suggesting that would be a good idea to rebuild it. You follow the advice and...
Not responding

SOLIDWORKS is not responding – but has it really crashed?

Have you been receiving the SOLIDWORKS not responding Windows message: 'sldworks.exe is not responding', more often since switching to Windows 7 or Windows 10? This may actually be a result of...

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