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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Watch a recording of our SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch Broadcast for the latest enhancements

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Sheet Metal Part with Pre-made Features

How to start off with Pre-Made SOLIDWORKS Parts

The final chapter in my SOLIDWORKS Part Template Series is to start off with pre-made parts. If your company is one that has a set amount of jigs and fixtures,...
SOLIDWORKS File Locations

How to specify where SOLIDWORKS should look for Document Templates

So you created the much needed SOLIDWORKS Part template, but you can't seemed to load it. Not to worry - I will show you how to add templates to SOLIDWORKS...
SOLIDWORKS 2019 Thumbnail Preview of Blocks in Design Library

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview Blocks in the Design Library

The SOLIDWORKS Design Library is a great tool to keep all of your common parts, features, tools, etc.  This also provides access to your blocks for a quick drag and...
Rev Tables - Enable

How to Set up Revision Tables in SOLIDWORKS PDM

In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, the much-anticipated Revision Tables integration was added, and we can now automatically add table rows with updated variable values via a workflow transition or the Set Revision...
New Record

Selecting a source to be used as a SOLIDWORKS MANAGE Document Template

When creating a new Document or Record in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019, a user with sufficient permissions, can select a source to be used as the SOLIDWORKS MANAGE Document Template. The new...
automatic view update

Automatic View Update option saved as a Document Property in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Now in SOLIDWORKS 2019, the SOLIDWORKS Automatic View Update option is saved as a document property. This property is stored within the drawing and it will be remembered for the...

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SOLIDWORKS Performance

Adjusting Virtual Memory (Windows Pagefile) for increased SOLIDWORKS Performance

A kin to the article that our teammate Josh Carrier wrote, back in 2010, I thought it high time we review the process of how to increase virtual memory on...
Certified SOLIDWORKS CSWA Associate Badge

How to pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Exam with help from MySolidWorks & Subscription Service

Did you know that if you are a SOLIDWORKS customer who has an active Subscription Service contract, you have access to MySolidWorks Standard, which includes preparation materials designed to help you become a Certified...
SolidWorks drawing template & Sheet Format

SOLIDWORKS Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats [VIDEO]

Many people get confused when it comes to creating custom Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in SOLIDWORKS.  It's not as straight forward as Part and Assembly templates due to the...