Soyons pointilleux et utilisons le gestionnaire de sélection.

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated August 16, 2010


Dan Johnson asks this question in the SolidWorks Forum:

I am trying to create a handle that is part of a scanner body and I made my curves using a 3D sketch. When I try and make either a loft or boundary surface, I try to grab just one curve in my 3DSketch, but it wants to grab the entire 3DSketch. How do I select just 1 curve for my profile? I tried the right mouse click, selection filter, but it grabs the entire 3d sketch too. Can anyone help?

The answer to his question is the new Selection Manager. You can read everything about it in the help file, but, for now, let’s watch this video which answers his question (no sound available).

Mark Biasotti of SolidWorks adds:

Remember, you can pin the SelectionManager so that you don’t have to keep opening it every time you want to use it. Also you can RMB confirm thru multiple selections and lastly, SM comes up automatically if you pick a 3D sketch which contains more than one entity for selection in most commands like loft, boundary, sweep etc.

Thanks Mark!

Alin Vargatu, CSWE

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