SOLIDWORKS Sustainablity peut déterminer le choix écologique entre une bouteille et une canette.

Article de John Carlan mis à jour le 14 février 2011


I just love a nice cold beer but I also have a big dilemma.  Should I buy cans or bottles?  It tastes great out of both but since I have been spending time with the Javelin Green team and also had some training on the SOLIDWORKS Sustainablity product I feel that I need to get that question answered.  I want to enjoy my beer and also be environmentally responsible.

So I asked Joseph Vera from inkaverna to do a quick life cycle assessment (LCA) for me to tell me which is a better container for my favourite beverage – can or bottle.  Joseph is a Sustainbility Expert and has a Masters in Engineering and Public Policy (and I know he likes beer too).  Joseph helps companies incorporate sustainability into their product design and he has been helping the Javelin Customer Care team with the development of sustainable design training and mentoring programs that we will be offering to our customers.

In the video below Joseph runs through a LCA and gives us the answer to this very important question.  Please check it out.

For anyone who would like to learn more about sustainable design both Javelin and inkaverna would be pleased to help you out.

Thanks for the help with this Joseph.  I owe you a nice cold Steamwhistle beer (hint).

John Carlan