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Chris est le seul CSWP de la région de Thunder Bay.

At the age of 15 most teenage boys are thinking about video games, skateboards and being with friends. Chris Rudnicki is an exception to that stereotype. Chris may think about those things as well, but he is also now the only Certified SolidWorks Professional in Thunder Bay and most probably the youngest CSWP in Canada.

Chris’ interest came when he spent the summer of 2010 working in his father, Mike Rudnicki’s, machine shop. Rudnicki Industrial designed and built machinery used in the forestry industry and later changed course and started to build equipment for mining.  Chris stepped in and started converting drawings from Pro Engineer to SolidWorks. This project for his father, although Chris claims it was not difficult, turned into a machine used to unload crates from float planes so that this task would not have to be done manually.

After working with SolidWorks, Chris was encouraged by his father to take the 4 day SolidWorks Essentials course offered by Javelin. Mike recruited not only his son but other potential SolidWorks users in the Thunder Bay area, so our Elite Applications’ Engineer, Alin Vargatu, packed a bag and headed north.

Alin is no stranger to certifications as he is one of a handful of SolidWorks Elite Applications’ Engineers, worldwide. Alin encouraged Chris to write the CSWP exam and sure enough, Chris achieved certification.

As a high school student, one would think that Chris would be shouting his news from the rooftops, but this very calm and mature young man said “I didn’t say anything, because no one would know what I was talking about.”

In terms of his future, Chris would like to get into some sort of Engineering or Design Program, however, his real interest lies in innovation. Whether it be changing existing products and making them better or software development.

We wish Chris all the best for his future endeavours and are very proud of his achievement.

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