Numérotation automatique des fils

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated June 26, 2011


A lot of people out there have brought up this point that they spend some-times entire days numbering wires. Thankfully most of those people now have E3 WireWorks and now spend just about a second doing the same thing.

There are quite a few archaic tools that make you number 1 wire at a time , keeping track of the last one and if you ever have to make changes to the drawing then it is back to square 1 or in this case wire number 1.

With E3 WireWorks you can change all that change all that.

Want to number the wires in a Sheet or May be the entire project based – 1 Click and Done.

Do you follow different wire numbering conventions — Sequential Numbers, Sheet and Grid Based, PLC Address Based?  — All 1 Click and Done

Simply put 1 day in Archaic CAD = 1 Click in E3 WireWorks


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