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Article by Delvin Masilamani updated June 26, 2011


I don’t want to be the evangelist in the cause for better CAD, at the same time I feel like may be if the information was available for one more person there is a good chance that we can become more efficient, save more money, decrease the production time, have better documentation, reduce design errors, help reduce wiring errors and troubleshooting times ….. I can probably list a lot more but I hope the point is getting across. These and the tons of other improvements mean that the designer has more time to do tasks and designs that could be the next hit product rather than yesterdays product.

The Return on Investment is a key factor in most decisions that a company makes and moving to a better CAD package like E3 WireWorks gives all the benefits I have listed above and more, all these benefits are related to time and money. If your designer can make drawings in half the time that it takes now – that is 50% of the designers time saved. How much is that worth? In addition you are able to get the product to your customers faster getting your projects done faster and adding more bandwidth for more orders.

I am yet to come across any customer who does not want their product delivered today rather than tomorrow and now it can be possible to do so. More than production it is the support and troubleshooting over the lifetime of the product that erodes the profit margin. If you have better documentation and cleaner design with automatic design rule checks that aid in avoiding errors rather than correcting them, the system is less likely to breakdown and if it does it is faster to fix it.

I have posted few features of E3 WireWorks and there are so many more that it might take some time to list them all. These features are for your success and so easy to use that you can start using them without downtime if you wanted to do it. Like all things good there is a catch, you have to want to do it. There is no telling how long before all the archaic drawing tools end up in the garbage I’d say not too long but if you find yourself still using them today, I sincerely hope you are at least thinking about moving to a better tool.

I am have always been a big supporter of the right tool for the right job motto, the companies and individuals who live by it have found themselves riding the first wave. There is almost never any benefit of reaching somewhere last at least when it comes to design and product development. Better design software’s like E3 WireWorks can get you wherever you are going faster with more green in your books. If you still have questions or concerns there are so many resources out there to help you, right here on this blog there are so many people that together add years and years of experience along with the Javelin’s vast experience with other customers, I am sure we can all work together to help us all compete on an even keel in this market when every second counts.

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