Afficher les propriétés avec des dimensions liées sur une nomenclature dans des unités différentes

Article by Wayne Chen, CSWP updated July 19, 2011


Using linked dimensions from properties on a BOM is very useful.  They are all linked so everything will update together.

The problem is if the drawing and the part have different unit system, the values on the BOM will not show up correctly.  Fortunately, there is an option to override it.

Let’s look an example below:

Simple assembly.  Now let’s open the bracket and add a property with linked dimensions.

At the end, I typed in “inch” manually.   Next, let’s open the drawing.

The values are in mm because the drawing unit system is in mm.

To fix this, we can go back to the assembly or the bracket part.

Highlight the dimension and go to “other” tab to override the units.  Do this for all the dimensions which are involved.

When we switch back to the drawing, and click “rebuild”:

The values are correct again.

There is another method to change the units in that cell in BOM:

Right click on the cell and choose “edit multiple property values”.  However, this will break the link in the cell.  If you change the dimension in the part, the cell in the BOM remains the same.

Wayne Chen, CSWP