Backcasting avec SolidWorks Sustainability

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 30, 2011


Everyone knows what forecasting means, but have you heard of the term “backcasting”?  With forecasts we want to know what the future will be like.  Backcasting is a different mindset.  Rather than trying to predict what happens in the future, we decide upfront what we want our future to be.  Then we can make decisions and steps to turn that future into a reality.  We have the power to create a better future and this is greater than any prediction.

Backcasting is important for sustainable development.  Without a solid plan in place, the future may look more like current “forecasts” and less like the vision from our “backcast”.  Not all will agree upon the exact future we desire, but working together in taking steps forward will benefit the planet and promote innovation.

SolidWorks Sustainability allows designers to review their decisions on materials, manufacturing and transportation of products to pinpoint areas where the environmental impact can be minimized.  Keeping this in mind during the design stage will not only promote innovative green designs, but also reduce waste and overall production costs.

Here is a short video on “Designing for the Planet”  from Joseph Vera from inkavera:

There are other great postings on inkavera’s blog at


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