Animation rendue de PhotoView 360 dans SOLIDWORKS

Article by Wayne Chen, CSWP updated November 15, 2011


If you like my previous post about a rendered cruise boat video, you should see PhotoView 360 Rendered Animation too.

The Javelin office just moved to a new location earlier this year, so I decided to make something interesting about the new office building.  Please take a look at the video below.

Here are some rendered images of the animation:

Fig. 1 – Light off

Fig. 2 – Light on

Fig. 3 – Book opening

Fig. 4 – Book open


A few topics that I would like to discuss about the model setup:

1. The pages in the book – only the top few pages are individual components.  The rest of them are one body with texture.  This keeps my assembly simple.

Fig. 5 – Pages setup

2. Angular mate between pages – I used “limit mate” for the pages.  The trick here is to make sure the range of motion is below 180 degrees.  Why? If  >180 degrees is allowed, funky things will happen to the popup sections because: for example 181 degrees is also -179 degrees.

Fig. 6 – Angle mate setup


3.  Appearances on the popup section – I used textures, or texture + decals.  For the mountain, I grabbed a photo of mountain from internet, and I added the paper texture.  The final appearance can only be seen in the final render images I posted at the beginning.

4. Popup section models – They are all surface models.  If I start to give them some thickness and make them solids, it is more difficult to apply mates for them.

5. Lighting – I added a “point” light inside the desk lamp.  The cover of the lamp is semi transparent, which allows the light to shine through.  In the point light property setup, I enabled “fog” which provides more artistic looks.  The fog appearance only shows up in the final render.

PhotoView 360 Rendered Animation

Fig. 7 – Lighting and fog setup

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