La réalité virtuelle du monde réel - Sandvik Mining Simulator

Article by Dan Gamsby updated December 16, 2011


Lately a few of us at Javelin have been researching new, alternative ways to help customers and employees visualize their products. Many companies are utilizing virtual simulation to either demonstrate their product, or help train their customers and employees on how to use their product.

I recently was invited to Sandvik in Lively, Ontario, to take a test drive of their

Underground Training Simulator that they use to train people on how to operate their heavy mining equipment.

Tom White – Operator Trainer Underground Mobile Equipment USA/Canada for Sandvik, was my tour guide and operates the training simulator. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to show me the ropes, so thank you Tom!

The simulator is housed in a large shipping crate, and is home to 3 large, rear projected screens that surround the operator. There is a large, metal platform that houses all the equipment and the operator seat, which is all motorized, and reacts and moves just as you are in the actual vehicle. Start the vehicle using the start up sequence, and you literally feel the ground shake beneath your feet as it starts to hum.

What is unique about this simulator, is that Sandvik can actually simulate up to 4 different vehicles, by interchanging the control panels that are secured to the floor, in a plug and play fashion. I had the priviledge of using the Drill, which they use to drill holes into rock faces inside of mine shafts, for controlled blasting.

Finally, when I was finished destroying the rock face, and drilling a bunch of very inaccurate, terrible holes, Tom showed me all of the results on the software, running the simulator. It was a little embarrassing, but very cool to see.

I don’t think I’ll be hired for a job in the mine anytime soon, but for a full video of my experience, please click below.

Reality is a growing industry. Customers, Prospects, students, etc. demand new and inspiring ways to interact with their designs and their products. Javelin Reality is coming in 2012. Are you ready to be innovative? Want to know more? As always, give me a call 905-815-1906 x258 or send me an email


Dan Gamsby

Dan Gamsbys est actuellement producteur exécutif de Javelin Reality, avec 14 ans d'expérience dans le secteur des logiciels de CAO. L'expérience de Dan s'étend des produits Autodesk (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.) aux produits SolidWorks. Dan a une grande expérience dans le domaine des technologies de l'information, et est un passionné de sport et d'informatique.