SOLIDWORKS PDM améliore l'Explorateur Windows avec plus de contrôles et de vitesse !

Article by Eric van Essen updated December 15, 2011


I laugh sometimes when I deliver demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS PDM because I feel like I’m demonstrating something which everybody lives and breaths every day when they are working with their Windows computers.  I’ve even been tempted to stop a demonstration after a few clicks before because at the core, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional are simply Windows Explorer with control and speed.  The everyday chaos of Windows Explorer can finally be tamed.

SOLIDWORKS PDM in Windows Explorer

SOLIDWORKS PDM in Windows Explorer

Special functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM aside, I thought it would be worthwhile to put a quick list together about why this integration is so important.  This list is really about the great Windows Explorer functionality which will simply continue to work as you’d expect.  This cannot be underestimated because it has made a world of difference to our customers and the success of their projects.

1. Easier to adopt

SOLIDWORKS PDM adoption rates are much greater within companies as users are already familiar with Windows Explorer.

2. Faster to learn

Learning how to use SOLIDWORKS PDM is faster because users come in with half the knowledge already.  Most end user training classes are about 4 hours.  Our PDM instructors will help you to really get a good handle with how to get the most out of the system. Learn more about our SOLIDWORKS PDM  training courses.

3. Windows Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS PDM automatically leverages any new enhancements to Windows Explorer.  SOLIDWORKS PDM flawlessly works on top of your Windows system and leverages all the functionality.

4. Favourites

Redirects to favourite folders in SOLIDWORKS PDM can be managed identically to how Windows Explorer manages them.  This makes is easy to continue being more productive by keeping commonly accessed work close at hand.

5. Hyperlinks

The same way you can send someone a hyperlink to a shared network drive, you can send someone the link to your folder or file.  Picking the link will automatically direct users to their own view of the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.  These hyperlinks are identical to what is sent out in system email notifications which will always point the recipient to the latest file even if there has been a new update  (no more resending!).

6. Copy and paste or drag and drop files

How awesome is it that you can just copy and paste or drag and drop files into and out of your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault!

7. File Types

If you can put it in Windows Explorer, you can put it into SOLIDWORKS PDM.  I’ve received the same question a number of times:  “What about this file type?” – “Yes, even that file type!”. Read this post to learn more about file types in SOLIDWORKS PDM

8. Right-click shortcut Menu

The same shortcuts you are used to in Windows Explorer (such as Send to Zip or Mail Recipient) are available from within the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.  In fact, SOLIDWORKS PDM builds the list to include more menu options to help you get the job done quicker.

9. Searching

Although SOLIDWORKS PDM has it’s own super fast search tools, it is quite nice that the regular Windows Explorer searching and indexing still works the way you would expect.  Especially for searching within applications like SOLIDWORKS.

10. Opening and Saving

This is also a funny one to demonstrate, but the fact remains; opening and saving in any windows based application can be done directly from the vaulted folder.  This saves that tedious extra step of working with a cached area and consciously trying to check items in separately.

Special thanks to Jeff Sweeney from 3D Vision for giving me the idea for this blog post.

Eric van Essen

Je travaille chez Javelin depuis 10 ans et j'occupe maintenant le poste de directeur des produits, où je supervise la mise en place de nouvelles solutions pour nos clients ou clients potentiels.