Les 5 principaux avantages de la planification en amont de la conception électrique

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated December 22, 2011


Not so long ago  Steve Chidester from Zuken hs written a pretty good blog about the Top 5 benefits of up front planning in Electrical Design. I probably should have followed that advice with my holiday shopping but that is a story for some other day.

In this computer world — actually forget computer in this TABLET world people are still making their electrical designs on paper or the basic old archaic cad systems. More and more people are realising though that it is very difficult to make design decisions worth more than my house based on guess work and incomplete data.

Is there a way out ?? Yes there is  — E3 a complete design environment from project concept, to planning and design.

In Fact…You can perform functional and topology design in the same design tool as you do all your main electrical design with E³.series (*whispers* – and that’s an area where we are different than many of the electrical CAD software kids on the block).

So what are the benefits and what is possible with E3?
1.Do your upfront planning in a tool that is designed for you with specific functions for electrical engineers

2.Make early calculations like cable length based on real data

3.Feed the early planning data directly into the detailed design without redrawing or re-inputting

4.Work out the connections between functions and how they are going to work together

5.Use one tool – learn one set of skills. Make life simple (it’s hard enough as it is)

If this has peeked your interest feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the soluton in detail.

Happy Holidays!!

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