Comment prendre la bonne décision lors de l'achat d'une imprimante 3D ?

Article by Luis Doval updated February 22, 2012


Purchasing a 3D printer, like any capital investment decision, involves a careful analysis, as it will have a strong impact in your organization. There are several elements to consider: internal needs, current and future applications, industry trends, available technologies and, of course, budget.

Don’t rush the decision, but don’t postpone it forever. Making a decision without gathering and analyzing all the information can lead to a wrong and deceiving purchase. Postponing it may mean missing savings, delays in your R&D process and being behind your competition.

You will be overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available, sales people from several vendors trying to influence your decision, lack of awareness of new applications within your company, and a confusing threshold in price and machine capabilities.

In the next few posts I will review in detail each and every item to be considered through the purchase decision. Stay tuned for the next chapters:

  1. It is about you.
  2. What is the best technology for me?
  3. Is my budget in line with my needs?
  4. How to present the project to the management.
  5. Benchmarking: don’t buy before you try.
  6. Hidden needs: you may not know everything you can do.
  7. ROI: Losing money and have not realized it?
  8. I have a 3D printer in house, what is next?

If you are currently outsourcing the prototyping process, and are considering the purchase of an in-house solution, this white paper is for you:

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