PDM - Comment archiver des fichiers locaux si la vue de la chambre forte locale a été supprimée ?

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated February 7, 2012


In a previous blog “Safely Deleting and Recreating a Local Vault View”, I looked at how the local vault view can be deleted without losing the local files. But what can be done if the vault view is deleted accidentally or cannot be accessed, thereby making it impossible to perform the steps in the aforementioned blog article.

In this situation:

  1. Create a new vault view.
  2. Log into this vault view as the PDM “admin”
  3. Do a search to determine which files are checked out by the user, that the local vault view is being re-created for.
  4. Find the files in the vault and perform an undo check-out each file.
  5. Once all files have been released, you can proceed to step 5 of “Safely Deleting and Recreating a Local Vault View”.

Note: These steps are bases on the assumption that the local files exist in some other location, such as a backup. If the local vault view is deleted and the files are not backed-up all local files will be lost.

Joe Medeiros, CSWE

Joe Medeiros est un expert certifié SOLIDWORKS et PDM. Il aide les utilisateurs de SOLIDWORKS en matière de formation, de mentorat et de mise en œuvre depuis 1998. Il combine l'expérience de l'industrie avec une compréhension approfondie des produits SOLIDWORKS pour aider les clients à réussir. Il partage son expérience et son expertise par le biais de blogs, dont l'un a été intégré au manuel de formation SOLIDWORKS Essentials.