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Article de Dan Gamsby mis à jour le 22 mars 2012


Recently the Javelin Reality team travelled to GDC 2012 in San Francisco. GDC stands for “Game Developer Conference”. If you think SolidWorks World is a big event, there were over 22,500 people that attended the conference.

Why was a company like Javelin Reality there? Javelin Reality provides cost effective and visual solutions for the sales, training and marketing of our customers products – We call this “3D Dynamic Training”. Another industry term for this is “Serious Video Games” or “Non-Entertainment Games”.

I like the term “3D Dynamic Training”. Think of “static training” as a medium delivered with a workbook or training manual. Or, think of it as a video showing how to operate or assemble something. With Dynamic Training, it comes to life. Touch it, feel it, operate it, make mistakes with it, see the consequences of your mistakes, train your muscle memory, train your mind, live the experience. Not only that, you can live this experience in full, stereoscopic 3D on a 3D TV or monitor with 3D glasses. Big difference huh? Now think of your products, what you design. Imagine the possibilities.

I ran across an old Kogi Indian Proverb that explains this perfectly. It goes like this:

“Tell it to me and I’ll forget it, Write it to me and I might remember, Make it live to me and I’ll never forget it.”

At GDC 2012 we learned some great things about the industry. We met some fantastic people doing some very creative, dynamic things which really got our creative juices flowing. It was a great experience.

Near the end of the week, we dropped by Crytek’s booth at the expo exhibit at the conference. If you don’t know who Crytek is, they have created some of the biggest blockbuster games you can find on the PC and now consoles (Crysis 1 and 2, and FarCry 1 and 2). What many people do not know, is they offer solutions for Dynamic Training. Their sister company – RealTime Immersion, gave a few of us a fantastic demo of just how far we can take Dynamic Training, and Serious Games. They are using this with the American Military, for training in Afghanistan. Take a look:

As always, please contact me to find out how Javelin Reality, can work on taking you from training manuals and how to videos – to a new world that your customers and employees will never forget. Come on by and we’ll show your our 3D theatre here at Javelin, and give you a great tour!



Dan.gamsby@javelin-tech.com – 1.877.219.6757 x258

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