Raccourcis / touches de raccourci dans E3 WireWorks

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated April 2, 2012


We are all so used to using keyboard shortcuts while working and designing. They do tend to increase productivity and ease of use in a design environment. Most options in E3 are readily available on right mouse click or on the toolbars, but if you are like me keyboard shortcuts are a must. In E3 your normal windows shortcuts are already a part of the software (Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V for paste).

E3 Customize Menu

E3 Customize Menu

In addition to that you can create your own shortcuts for any command that you would like. The interface for creating these is pretty nifty as well. Under Tools-> Customize you will find a lot of customization options one of them being Keyboard shortcuts. You can assign the desired keyboard shortcut by choosing the command and choosing the key or combination of keys. It also tells you if it is the shortcut you have chosen is already assigned or is free to be assigned to the desired command.

Using these and other time saving techniques goes a long way in making an already fast design environment faster!!

Here is a list of some of the more common Shortcuts/Hotkeys:

Edit Change Signals On Selected Pins Ctrl+W
Edit: Copy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
Edit: Cut Shift+Delete, Ctrl+X
Edit: Delete Delete
Edit: Paste Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert
Edit: Paste Extended Ctrl+Shift+V
Edit: Redo Ctrl+Y
Edit: Reset Highlight Shift+F3
Edit: Search F3
Edit: Select All Ctrl+A
Edit: Undo Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+Z
File: Exit Alt+F4
File: New Ctrl+N
File: Open Ctrl+O
File: Print Ctrl+P
File:Save Ctrl+S
File:Save As F12
Help: Contents ?
Insert: Connect Template Symbol /
Insert: Connection C
Insert: Curve Connection B
Insert: Dimension M
Insert: Last Symbol D
Insert: Text T
3D Drop Direction: -Z-axis Ctrl+Page Down
Input Coordinates P
Insert Bus Connection Shift+C
Jump Ctrl+J
Mirror X X
Mirror Y Y
Next Object N
Pivot Backwards Shift+Up
Pivot Forwards Shift+Down
Pivot Left Shift+Left
Pivot Right Shift+Right
Rotate R
Tools: Settings S
View : Adjust Zoom J
View: Database Window Alt+2
View: Fit To Window O
View: Levels L
View: Output Window Alt+1
View: Project Window Alt+0
View: Refresh F5
View: Zoom
Switch Effective Direction Ctrl+Alt+T
Zoom In =
Zoom Out –
3D Drop Direction: +X-axis Ctrl+Right
3D Drop Direction: +Y-axis Ctrl+Up
3D Drop Direction: +Z-axis Ctrl+Page Up
3D Drop Direction: -X-axis Ctrl+Left
3D Drop Direction: -Y-axis Ctrl+Down
Page Up To go to the previous sheet
Page Down To go to the next sheet
Home To go to the first sheet
End To go to the last sheet

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