Performances d'enregistrement de SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated June 18, 2012


Have you started using SolidWorks Workgroup PDM to manage your files, but are finding that checking files into the vault is taking way too long?

This could be being caused by some of the settings you are currently using within Workgroup.  Making a few minor changes can have a drastic improvement on the performance of your Workgroup installation.

Settings that should be changed:

If you are using Workgroup PDM to manage all your documents, one immediate change you should make, is to the “Referenced/Where Used” options in the SolidWorks Explorer.

In the SolidWorks Workgroup PDM add-in, on the Task Pane, right click anywhere and select “SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Options…”.  On the “Referenced/Where Used” tab, under the “Look for” area, clear the check boxes for “Model references”, “In-context references” and “Assemblies and drawings”.  In the “File Locations” remove any folders that are being listed there.

These settings are intended to find the references for files that are not being managed by the Workgroup PDM Vault.  Since Workgroup PDM is handling all of the SolidWorks file references for files being checked in, having these settings enabled would only slow down it’s operation.

Optional setting changes:

There are some other, optional settings that can have a big impact on your Workgroup Check in performance.

The first is the option to “Include Drawings” in the check in operation.  This option will try to find any drawings associated with the document being checked in and add the drawings to the document list.  Having this option enabled can result in lengthy search times as SolidWorks scans the indicated search paths for any associated drawings before displaying the check in dialogue.  Whether or not you choose to disable this option will depend on your workflow, if it is beneficial for you to check in all associated drawings when checking in your part/assembly files, you may feel the time it takes for SolidWorks to prepare the document list is a small price to pay.

Should you choose to disable the option, open the “SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Options …” dialogue, and go to the “Command Defaults” tab.  Clear the check box for “Include Drawings”.


The second setting that you may wish to disable is a vault wide setting change to “Keep extra copy of latest”.  This option will keep a copy of the latest revision of every file that is currently in the vault in a special folder called “Latest”.  This is intended to provide extra protection in case the primary copy of the file gets corrupted.  However this setting can result in using a great deal of extra disk space on the server, as well as reducing the performance of the Workgroup Vault.

To disable the option, open the “SolidWorks Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin” program and on the first tab, “Vault Settings”, clear the check box for “Keep extra copy of latest files”.  This change may take several minutes to apply as the Workgroup service will need to delete every “latest” folder in each of the projects in the vault.

Andrew Lidstone, CSWE

Andrew Lidstone est un ingénieur d'application SOLIDWORKS Elite spécialisé dans les systèmes de gestion des données. Il travaille dans le réseau de revendeurs SOLIDWORKS depuis 2010 et aide les clients à tirer le meilleur parti de leurs outils de CAO.