Découvrez la précision avec laquelle vous pouvez fabriquer des pièces sur une imprimante 3D Objet.

Article by Luis Doval updated July 30, 2012



It is always interesting to compare a machine specification against its actual performance. We used a digital caliper to measure a reference part built in our Connex 500 3D printer, in order to verify if its overall dimensions were within an acceptable range. We found amazing results:

The machine brochure states a typical accuracy of 20 to 85 um in parts below 50 mm. We measured a 50 mm x 60 mm part and found that it is right within the range: it is 50.02 mm in the 50 mm dimension and 60.06 mm in the 60 mm dimension. That is a deviation of less than 1 thou in the short dimension and less than 3 thou in the long dimension.

This accuracy exceeds by far the dimensional requirements of most manufactured products. One more reason to trust your design and development process in an Objet 3D printer.


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