VeroBlackPlus, the latest development in material for Objet 3D Printers

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated October 25, 2012

VeroBlackPlus Material Applied

VeroBlackPlus Material Applied

Objet is not only constantly developing new materials, but also improving the current ones. The most recent release from Objet is VeroBlackPlus, the evolution of VeroBlack.

Among several enhancements and new features of this material include:

  • Better dimensional stability over VeroBlack
  • Supporting all post processes as VeroBlack.
  • A great advantage for your daily operation: no need to change configuration parameters in your 3D printer.
  • Able to produce up to 16 Digital Materials when used along with Objet Tango flexible materials: Shore A values from 27 to 95.
  • Improved toughness (Polypropylene like) in black rigid Digital Materials.

VeroBlackPlus is available for the Objet30Pro, Objet Eden 3D Printers, and Connex 3D Printers, in standard packs of: 1Kg, 2Kg and 3.6 Kg.

VeroBlackPlus is ideal for prototypes in several industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, seals and packaging. If you need detailed information about the mechanical properties of VeroBlackPlus RGD875, you can download the Objet Materials Technical Data Sheet.

For further information about all the available materials from Stratasys visit our Material section.

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