Remplacer et fusionner des apparences à l'aide du filtre d'apparence SOLIDWORKS

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated November 15, 2012


My SOLIDWORKS 2013 Pick of the Day and the topic of the 21st video from this series is the new SOLIDWORKS Appearance Filter.

Now that we established that appearances can be used to create and manage selection groups, the SOLIDWORKS Appearance Filter is exactly what you need in order to replace or merge appearances with ease.

I am really curious if you are using or plan to use this functionality. I know that for me the ability to create selection groups on the fly is pure gold, saving a lot of time while modeling complex parts or large assemblies.

Note: For merging two appearances, just copy and paste “Appearance 1” over any face that is “painted” in “Appearance 2” while using the new Appearance Filter.

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