Quoi de neuf chez Javelin

Article by Katey Gatta updated November 5, 2012


The last two weeks have been a blur here at Javelin! Between our fundraising for the Oakville Hospital, Halloween and trying to get some work done in between, I really don’t know where the time has gone. Here’s a little update as to everything that’s been going on behind-the-scenes at your favourite SolidWorks VAR …

On Monday October 22nd, the Javelin Cares committee started our fundraising efforts for Javelin’s contribution to the New Oakville Hospital. Set to open in late 2015, the new hospital will provide the space needed to care for the 180 000 people within the Oakville community and surrounding areas. Javelin is pledging $25 000 to help equip a single-patient mother and baby room. Considering the baby boom Javelin staff are currently experiencing (which reminds me, congratulations to the newest member of the Javelin family, Daniel Vinson, who was born yesterday night!!), the donation seems extremely fitting.

As an intern here at Javelin, I’m constantly learning new things about the company – and the last two weeks were not as much of a learning experience as a growing experience. I witnessed such a heartwarming display of generosity from all the Javelin staff – from pledging a portion of each paycheque to buying 50/50 tickets, Javelin proved once again that we aim high in every project we take on. The huge hearts that make up Javelin staff raised over $10 000 in the matter to two weeks. A huge thanks goes out to the Javelin Volunteer committee & our fearless leaders John and Ted, who agreed to match each Javelin employee dollar with one of their own.

Obviously in the mood to celebrate, Javelin employees went all out for our Halloween festivities last Wednesday. The Oakville office welcomed a collection of characters, from Ted’s Oliver Twist to Christy’s amazing Scarecrow, Alex’s SOA-Grim Reaper (you know, that scary skull thing with the crystal ball and gun? yeah, THAT was wandering around our office) and Sean’s, uhm, interesting take on a Disco Diva costume. Javelin employees got more treats than tricks at our potluck lunch, complete with Amie’s to-die-for pumpkin cake. Check out the picture below of some our best costumes – and stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks at what’s up at Javelin!

Back Row: Shelley, Sean, Christy, Amie, Lauren, Barb, Kerri, Luis & Ted
Front Row: Eric, Alex, Scott & Tamer


Katey Gatta