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Article by Luis Doval updated December 17, 2012

3D printed speaker wall mount with lock.

3D Printed Speaker Wall Mount with lock.

In previous posts I wrote about the recommended clearances and tolerances for modeling parts intended to be Printed in 3D with an Objet machine. In order to verify these recommendations I have modeled a wall mount for a small speaker consumer product, consisting of an assembly of two interacting components joined by an internal rail (this part can’t be manufactured using a conventional method), and a lock with 15 degree tilt constrains. My design intent is to:

  • Print the product in a single job with no assembly required.
  • Create moving parts that have a tight fit.

For the moving assembly I left a 0.3 mm clearance to allow the support material to fill the gap and let the part move.

Between the lock (printed aside) male and female parts I left a 0.8 mm clearance for a tight fit.

You can see the details of my design and the completed printed product in the photos shown below.


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